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Kargo Technologies Gets Funding from Teleport to Build Southeast Asia Market Connectivity

Kargo Technologies Gets Funding from Teleport to Build Southeast Asia Market Connectivity

Kargo Technologies, a logistics marketplace in Indonesia, received funding in the form of convertible notes from Teleport, a logistics subsidiary of the AirAsia Group.

Kargo Technologies Gets Funding from Teleport to Build Southeast Asia Market Connectivity

Vice President of Cargo Operations Marselinus Erick said this funding helps Kargo to provide integrated logistics solutions in Indonesia. This partnership also opens up the opportunity to combine air connectivity with cargo truck capabilities on the ground.

“This partnership combines Kargo’s medium-range capabilities with Teleport’s long-range expertise,” said Marselinus in a press release, Saturday (5/2/2022).

The investment will expand Teleport’s medium-range capabilities to go beyond air cargo, combine air connectivity with ground capabilities, and leverage Kargo’s robust technology and truck network.

Marselinus said, as an effort to answer the challenges faced by the logistics industry in the supply chain process, Kargo comes with comprehensive solutions combined with the latest data and technology.

“All size of businesses can now ship their goods to more places across Indonesia and Southeast Asia in less than 24 hours. With this partnership, we will leverage Teleport’s customer base and deal with them based on our expertise,” he said.

He added, Kargo will be able to fulfill mid-mile services on the ground, while Teleport will be able to meet the needs of air and last-mile cargo. This will certainly increase the supply of Cargo and increase fulfillment efficiency to customers.

Kargo Technologies Gets Funding from Teleport to Build Southeast Asia Market Connectivity

Cooperation Done to Facilitate Logistic Ecosystem

Meanwhile, Teleport CEO Pete Chareonwongsak in his official statement said, this collaboration was carried out to provide solutions to facilitate an integrated logistics ecosystem.

He believes this collaboration can provide positive results for the development of developing cities in Indonesia in particular, and Southeast Asia in general.

“We understand that the fastest growing city in the future will be a middle class city. We need to go beyond the network to connect these developing cities. The partnership with Kargo makes us ready to cross Southeast Asia,” said Pete.

Kargo’s Co-Founder and CEO, Tiger Fang, added that the strategic partnership with Teleport will help Kargo in expanding the value chain horizontally.

On the other hand, Kargo also continues to make various innovations in an effort to increase company and business growth. Even during the pandemic, Kargo partners got more than double the amount of work compared to without the platform’s support.

“We hope that this partnership can be mutually beneficial to both parties by growing each other’s presence in Southeast Asia by 2022 as we strive to solve the evergreen logistics problems in the region,” said Tiger Fang.

Kargo Technologies Gets Funding from Teleport to Build Southeast Asia Market Connectivity

Launching the KargoNexus Platform

Currently, Kargo has more than 75,000 fleets in its network. A few months ago, Kargo also launched KargoNexus, a platform that makes it easy for companies to implement precise monitoring and tracking for performance evaluation and analysis of logistics operations.

This platform provides a seamless and integrated access and monitoring of shipments for both shippers, transporters, and drivers. Each can control and provide reports during the process of delivering goods.

With the support of these features, KargoNexus has successfully helped many companies to reduce manual vendor communication by up to 99%, increase delivery visibility up to 5 times, company productivity up to 25%, and confirmation time efficiency up to 85%.

This ecosystem collaboration is a logistics grand design that involves cooperation from various parties, such as the government, shipping lines, transportation, importers/exporters, digital technology-based logistics and various associations.

Therefore, the use of logistics software such as KargoNexus can help improve connectivity and logistics networks between cities in real time, be more accurate and efficient in digital infrastructure, so that logistics activities can continue to run rapidly.

With KargoNexus, business people can transform resources into technology and ensure that every shipper gets centralized data to increase productivity and efficiency to the maximum so that shippers can accelerate their business more quickly.