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J&T Express Enters the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

J&T Express Enters the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

J&T Express has officially launched a network in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. That way, this new Indonesian decacorn is already present in 10 countries.

J&T Express Enters the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

In addition to the two in the Middle East, the eight countries that J&T Express has penetrated are Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, and China.

J&T Express CEO Robin Lo said this expansion signified the company’s seriousness in positioning itself as an international standard shipping service company.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia plans to build a regional logistics center that is different from before until 2030. In addition, it has the opportunity to promote the development of e-commerce.

Robin Lo assessed that this strengthens the effectiveness of J&T Express delivery services to improve consumers’ online transaction experiences. In addition, it can contribute to the development of the e-commerce industry to the Middle East.

Previously, J&T Express built a distribution network along with a warehousing system covering all provinces and regions in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. 

Late last year, the new decacorn launched the J&T International Standard Express service.According to the Hurun Global Unicorn Index 2021, this company also ranks as the 16th largest unicorn in the world. 

The first position is occupied by ByteDance, the TikTok parent company. Then Alibaba’s Ant Group and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The value was only US$ 7.8 billion in mid-April last year.

J&T Express Enters the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

Record Delivery of Up to 25 Million Packages

The company recorded a surge in shipping demand at the peak of Harbolnas 12.12. The public’s interest in online shopping parties has made the demand for delivery of goods increase drastically with the average delivery being the most types of goods, namely fashion, beauty and electronic products.

They recorded shipments reaching 25 million packages, this significant increase has surpassed the highest number of shipments this year. CEO of J&T Express, Robin Lo, said that at 12.12 this year, J&T Express shipments increased by 52% compared to 11.11 last month.

Non-market place shipping this time also moved up due to discount promos and shipping without holidays from J&T Express services.

At this moment, there are an additional 22.5 million receipts from normal days, but 70% of shipments still come from e-commerce and the majority are still on the island of Java.

On the other hand, the pandemic has had an impact on changes in the system for providing community needs, both daily and basic needs, which have also shifted through digital access.

The experience of online transactions, which can be done by people anywhere, has a positive influence on J&T Express delivery services with normal shipping traffic reaching 2.5 million packages per day on average.

J&T Express Enters the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

Anticipating Before Peak Season

Robin continued, J&T Express had anticipated the peak season at the peak of the online shopping party. The reason is that every year the waves of incoming and outgoing shipments are getting bigger. The addition of a fleet is much needed in maximizing the surge in transactions by the end of this year.

Likewise, sufficient HR skills as a driving force for the smooth delivery system. Maintenance of automatic sorting machines supports the efficiency of J&T Express delivery, which is operational every day.

Then, the tracking system and application are continuously updated, which makes it easier for customers to get information about shipping. Even though in a pandemic condition, J&T Express still provides their services.

This service can be utilized for customers with the need for faster delivery times. Robin also ensures that all shipping processes have implemented safe health protocols for customer convenience.

In order to expand coverage, J&T Express is now also presenting a service under the name J&T International Standard Express which can ship from Indonesia to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.