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Gojek Business Unit, Loket Launches Features for Content Creators

Gojek Business Unit, Loket Launches Features for Content Creators

Gojek’s business unit, Loket launched a service that aims for small to medium-scale content creators, called Loket Live Studio. This feature allows content creators to independently manage events.

VP Commercial Loket Ario Adimas said, small and medium scale event creators appeared during the corona pandemic. They make events to workshops related to finance, marketing to becoming a flight attendant.

Previously, the organizing of events came mostly from corporations. “The trend is going to be, the categories are more diverse and many workshops are being held,” said Ario during a virtual press conference, Tuesday (22/9). During the pandemic period, more than 97 percent of the events held using Loket.com were online events.

Gojek Business Unit, Loket Launches Features for Content Creators

The technology from Loket makes it easy for creators to manage events so they can be enjoyed safely from home. This innovation has helped spawn more than 7,200 events by 2,800 event creators, with ticket sales reaching nearly 500,000 since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March to August 2020.

Therefore, the company launched Loket Live Studio. “This is to encourage users and event makers to continue to survive during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Bagus. He conveyed that content creators can arrange pages to display their own events through the Live Studio Loket.

“With the support of qualified technology and various facilities offered, the Live Studio Loket is expected to help revive the event industry amidst the current period of adapting to new habits,” said Tubagus.

Loket Live Studio were Launched to Assist Content Creators

Head of Loket Tubagus Utama revealed that during the last few months, event industry players including creators have used new approaches to continue working in the face of the challenges caused by the pandemic.

Through the Loket Live Studio, content creators or anyone with specific expertise in various fields can easily create and manage their online events independently, from creating event pages, packaging invitations for potential viewers, distributing tickets with a wide reach, to performing live.

Loket will distribute the tickets through the application or GoTix, on the Gojek platform. Purchases can also use GoPay, LinkAja, and credit cards. Event creators will get a sales report. Meanwhile, customers will get a live streaming page link to watch the event.

They can also interact with event creators through the chat feature. Loket charges a commission of 5% of the ticket price sold to content creators. Then charge Rp. 5,000 per transaction to consumers, as a viewing fee or streaming fee.

Gojek Business Unit, Loket Launches Features for Content Creators

Compete with Similar Service Providers

Gojek acquired the event management startup in 2017. Decacorn Indonesia also provides services to facilitate event creation, namely GoPlay Live. The company stated that the Loket Live Studio and GoPlay Live complement each other.

GoPlay Live broadcasts of various events ranging from concerts, festivals, or other events interactively. The available features are ShoutBox or Question and Answer for questions and answers, Running Text, Private Group Chat, Cast to TV to watch on the big screen, and Live Shopping and Merchandise.

Gojek Business Unit, Loket Launches Features for Content Creators

CEO of GoPlay Edy Sulistyo said, Covid-19 changed consumer behavior in consuming entertainment. “The trend is in that direction (watching programs online),” he said, last July (23/7). Gojek and Loket compete with several startups in providing event hosting services such as KiosTix and Tiket.com.

KiosTix created the #KiosLive live streaming platform to facilitate the event industry. Event creators can register on the KiosTix website and will get distribution services, online access to sales reports. Whereas Tiket.com noted that online event ticket sales increased during the pandemic.

Initially, the company predicted that the new increase would occur at the end of the year. “But it turned out that June was not bad. We had a live event and the results were quite good,” said Tiket.com Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Gaery Undarsa, last July (7/7).