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Gojek Announced Five Selected Startups to Join Gojek Xcelerate Program

gojek startup indonesia xcelerate program

Gojek recently announced the five names of Indonesian startups that passed the Demo Day of Gojek Xcelerate accelerator program in early November. The announcement was a follow-up to the program’s debut which was held by Gojek with Digitaraya after it was introduced in September 2019.

Digitaraya’s Managing Director, Nicole Yap said that the Gojek Xcelerate program will be a commitment for both parties until 2020. Later there will be four more waves that will last until March 2020. For this first wave, Gojek chose the topic of machine learning for Gojek Xcelerate participants.

This topic was chosen because machine learning is considered the essence of technology which is crucial in business growth in today’s modern era. Kevin Aluwi as the co-founder of Gojek explained that the existence of machine learning played a significant role in the development of their business units.

Kevin said that GoFood is one of their products that benefit machine learning. Through machine learning, the Gofood system automatically filters culinary menus by category, such as certain nominal prices to other groupings. This automation significantly influences the time efficiency of customers in finding the culinary sought.

The Profile of Five Selected Startups to Join Gojek Xcelerate Program

With the topic of adoption of machine learning technology for better business prospects, five Indonesian startup profiles have been qualified to join the Gojek Xcelerate program and have the opportunity to integrate their services into the Gojek application in the future.

Crewdible is one of the selected startups. This startup offers a platform that connects online merchants with warehouse owners or space. Crewdible has a shared warehouse service for medium scale businesses, as well as solutions to dominate the market for large scale businesses.

Izy.ai is the next startup in question. Established since 2018, Izy.ai is a local startup that provides solutions to create a better hotel stay experience. In general, the service offered by Izy.ai is a digital platform to facilitate interaction and internal management communication in the hospitality sphere.

Izy.ai gave their hotel partners a special device that can be used to access a variety of hotel services ranging from ordering food and drink, entertainment activities around the hotel, concierge services, and others. Next, there is also Qlue, a startup provider of smart-city solutions and application operators.

Qlue allows citizens to report problems around their respective environments to the government. This startup has previously been collaborated with the Provincial Government of Jakarta to develop the Jakarta Smart City concept. Currently, Qlue service is also being expanded to three other cities in Indonesia including Bandung, Kupang, and Makassar.

Gojek Shared How Machine Learning Benefit Their Business to the Selected Startups

Peto is another startup chosen to join the program. Peto is an application for pet needs, such as pet adoption, insurance, grooming, general tips, and walking dogs. The startup was founded by Telkomsel’s former Head of Device Bundling Partnership, Ditya Nandiwardhana, since 2016.

The fifth startup to join the program is Travelio. It is an accommodation-sharing startup that connects property owners and developers with consumers through web platforms and mobile applications. Travelio is generally a short-term home rental that offers property ranging from apartments, villas, and homes.

These five selected startups will have a chance to learn how Gojek applies machine learning to develop their business growth. “Through Gojek Xcelerate with Digitaraya, we open up opportunities for startups to be able to meet with leading Gojek mentor,” Kevin said.

They can also meet other world-class practitioners and potential investors as well as other funding sources to develop their business. Kevin concluded that Gojek Xcelerate was a step by the company to participate in encouraging startups to make a wider impact in Indonesia.