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APRW and KUMPUL Partner to Support Startup Ecosystems in the country


With the aim of supporting the startup ecosystem in Indonesia, Asia PR Werkz (APRW), a Singaporean integrated communications agency with a representative office in Indonesia, announced their partnership with KUMPUL.

In a press release received, KUMPUL is one of the drivers of entrepreneurs and startups in Indonesia. As the start of this partnership, APRW participated in the KUMPUL X Accelerator, a program to support startup companies in Indonesia.

This program aims to develop startups through strategic partnerships, where startups and founders are given access to the industry at large.

As part of the ongoing program, APRW holds a workshop for startups on the importance of starting and creating communication initiatives for early-stage startups in Indonesia. The KUMPUL X Accelerator program starts in September 2021 and will end in November 2021.

Communication Initiatives for Startups

Participants in this program will be provided with useful insights and networks to improve their business and operations. Some of the activities presented included the curation process, discussions with mentors, speakers, and partners, as well as several mentoring sessions from partners.

In a session on October 18, 2021, APRW shared its expertise on the startup landscape in the communications industry. Participants in this session were provided with insight into how and when early-stage startups should engage in brand building.

“Communication initiatives are essential for any company, but can sometimes be confusing and difficult for early-stage companies or startups to take the first steps,” said Anu Gupta, Director of APRW. Gupta said their partnership bridges the gap and unites all without any territorial boundaries.

Indonesian Startup Landscape

According to Gupta, Indonesia’s startup landscape is very dynamic and strong. They claim to have seen the company’s growth growing rapidly.

“As early entrants into the startup ecosystem, we see the vital value in this partnership and being able to give back and nurture early-stage startups,” he said.

Faye Wongso, CEO and Co-Founder of KUMPUL said, there is a missing middle point in the Indonesian startup ecosystem, where early-stage startups are expected to survive and grow towards a more mature stage.

“However, early-stage startups usually rely more on the skills of their own co-founders, which in most cases are very limited in certain areas,” said Faye.

Faye also said that through KUMPUL-X, they not only provide expert assistance from relevant fields, but also strategic partnerships and opportunities to have meaningful real relationships with their partners.

KUMPUL Supports the Development of Indonesia’s Startup Industry

The industrial development of startup companies, or more familiarly known as ‘startup’ has experienced a very significant increase in the last few years, especially in Indonesia.

This increase is also greatly influenced by the high number of internet users and the use of technology in today’s society, so that digital and non-digital startups become easier to develop.

This industry directly contributes to Indonesia’s digital economy which has reached 44 billion US dollars; increased by 11% from the previous year.

This phenomenon has also crowned Indonesia as the country with the 5th largest number of startups in the world, after Canada, Great Britain, India, and the highest is the United States; making Indonesia cannot be underestimated in the development of this industry.

However, this achievement is still inseparable from the large challenges and obstacles that entrepreneurs in Indonesia go through; whether it’s about the quality of its human resources, to much more complex factors.

From 45.6% of the total number of startups in Indonesia are still at the Seed level, and 19% are already at the Series A level and have to stop midway due to the lack of access they can get to develop.

Since 2015, KUMPUL has been among the many startups that continue to grow in Indonesia’s startup ecosystem, and has become a supporting platform for this industry; both helping startups that have grown to a greater level, as well as new prospective founders who want to start their business from scratch