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6 World’s Most Expensive Gaming Gears are Now Revealed

6 World’s Most Expensive Gaming Gears are Now Revealed

Do you ever think to buy the world’s most expensive gaming gears? It is for sure that some of you will not ever want to purchase these gears. It is especially if the budget is limited. Buying these expensive gears will disturb your financial condition. 

It can be different if you have an unlimited budget. Buying these gears can be the perfect option since they are equipped with the best technologies. Usually, the company will only complete it with the latest technologies that they created.

Besides that, the exclusive gaming gears are also equipped with high-quality materials. That is why; that gaming gear is more durable. So, everything is in your hand. It is better to think deeply about whether you really need that expensive gear or not. 

6 World’s Most Expensive Gaming Gears are Now Revealed

One thing for sure is that those gaming gear can support your gaming activity. It will make the gaming moment is much more comfortable than before. Besides that, having that gear will make you look cool and elegant at the same time. 

What Are the World’s Most Expensive Gaming Gears?

The gaming industry is growing rapidly. A lot of people are now interested to be a gamer. Maybe you are also one of them. To pay several new games nowadays, you can use some gadgets. It is included by using your smartphone. 

The most comfortable way is maybe by using a laptop, netbook, or PC. They have a large screen and good specs to run some games. Whatever the gadget is, sometimes you will need to use a gaming gear. The expensive devices usually show their quality.

In the market, there are so many expensive gaming gears that you can purchase. These gears come from various brands, especially popular ones. Are you interested to buy these expensive gears? Don’t worry, here are the lists. Check this out.

1. Audeze LCD-42- High-performance Headphone

Maybe not many gamers are familiar with the Audeze brand. Indeed, this headphone company focuses more on the audio sector or field. However, in recent years Audeze has tried to penetrate into the gaming sector through its high-tech and expensive headphones.

For more than USD 3900, a gamer can hear the audio features of the game with almost no flaws. The high technology owned by Audeze made them dare to set prices up to the equivalent of a motorcycle like this.

2. Xbox 360 Studded with Real Gems

One of the most unique consoles of all time probably has to be pinned to this one console. It is a great gaming gear for you who love the exclusive things around.  Basically the Xbox 360 is no different from similar consoles. 

The only difference is this Xbox 360, covered with dozens of diamonds. These gemstones make the price of this console soar up to $ 11000. It is really a high price for a console like this. However, everything is worth the design and quality.

3. Rose Gold PSP 4

After the Xbox 360, we move on to Sony and its Playstation 4. There are no gems and diamonds that surround this PS4. But the Rose Gold color used makes gamers and collectors willing to spend more on this PS4.

If you want this PS4 Rose Gold, you have to prepare nearly USD 13,600! Even though the price reaches the price of most cars in several countries, it turns out that many people actually buy this PS4 Rose Gold. How about you?

6 World’s Most Expensive Gaming Gears are Now Revealed

4. Rose Gold Xbox

Perhaps many gamers prefer Sony’s PS4 over Microsoft’s Xbox. But either way, the Xbox in Rose Gold color is just beautiful and very tempting to buy. It is especially if you are a fan of this Xbox gear. This gear is exclusive.

Appreciated by the same numbers as the PS4 Rose Gold, this Xbox special edition made many people willing to spend more money to have this console in their home. For your information, this gaming gear is sold with a price of around USD 13,600.

5. Gold Faceplate for Xbox

Once again Microsoft via Xbox provides the best accessories at unbelievably high prices. A faceplate for the Xbox controller in gold might be overlooked by many. This accessory really looks exclusive and luxurious. You will be proud to use it.

But maybe for some people, almost USD 36,000 is suitable to be spent on this one accessory. After all, if you are confused about investing, maybe buying a resalable Xbox controller to pay for the down payment on the house might be an option.

6. The Playstation 3 Supreme

Despite its many expensive features and accessories, a gold-plated PS3 may be the pinnacle of everything. A unit of this gaming gear is sold with a price of around USD 363,000. It is really a super expensive price only for a thing. 

Not only does the price reach the price of a mansion in the huge city, but this console also weighs extraordinarily large considering the amount of gold contained in this console. If this gold-plated PS3 is not the most expensive, then what accessories are the most costly?

6 World’s Most Expensive Gaming Gears are Now Revealed

Prepare Your Money

So, the decision is in your hand. The expensive gaming gears above come with the super expensive price. However, it is for sure that they have great features and technologies too. Mostly, people will think twice before purchasing these goods.

However, it doesn’t mean that these gaming gears are not sold. It still becomes the most-wanted stuff in this universe. Usually, rich people or collectors will always find these kinds of things. They will use it or only keep it. 

The price of these gears may increase several years later. That is why; the unique gears like these are always interesting. If you have a limited budget, don’t push yourself to buy this too-expensive item. It will not good for your further life.

Just be wise before buying. There are still so many options in a market for high-quality gaming gear at a reasonable price. However, knowing these expensive gears is also interesting. It can let you save more to buy these world’s most expensive gaming gears.  

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