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6 Attractive Startup Office Designs in Indonesia

6 Attractive Startup Office Designs in Indonesia

You can find many attractive startup office designs in Indonesia. Currently many people are developing mini-companies that are controlled by young people. The company is known as a startup. This new company is engaged in all fields by utilizing current technological developments.

So it’s no wonder that startup is very superior in the use of technology in the form of digital autonomy in the form of applications. The design of a startup office in Jakarta is especially suitable for workers classified as young people.

6 Attractive Startup Office Designs in Indonesia

Attractive Startup Office Designs that Make Employees Comfortable

1. Sale Stock

Sale stock is a startup which is under the auspices of the biggest fashion e-commerce in Indonesia today. Since 2004, this startup is known to have 400 employees. Then if you look into the inside look, the design of startup offices in Jakarta and Yogyakarta is really interesting. The office area consists of several sections with a two-story concept.

Each part has its uniqueness with a different theme. The facilities presented for the convenience of employees are indeed of high concern. Starting from entertainment facilities such as there is a game arena that provides game console space and a mini cinema.

There is an open space filled with long sofas and mattresses. Besides sports facilities are also available in the office. This startup office design in Jakarta and Yogyakarta by Sale Stock aims for employees to work harder to the fullest for the progress of the company.

2. Bukalapak

Besides Sale Stock, e-commerce which was founded by a young man named Achmad Zaky in 2010 known as Bukalapak turned out to present a super-comfortable office concept for employees.

This startup office designs in Jakarta features a multi-dimensional theme with a variety of rooms with different functions. The facilities from the Bukalapak office are very tempting.

Starting from the basketball court which is located right in the middle of the office that can be used to find sweat during leisure time, not only that there is also a terrace garden and gym center. In addition to the design of a start-up office in Jakarta, there is a mural containing moral messages as an encouraging poem.

6 Attractive Startup Office Designs in Indonesia

3. Tokopedia

The design of a startup office in Jakarta that deserves thumbs up is Tokopedia. A startup that is familiar to the lovers of online shopping presents an office with a fantastic design for employees.

The combination of green as the identity of Tokopedia as a startup office is always fresh and comfortable. Not only is the room completely green, but the design of this startup office in Jakarta also provides good facilities to support the work of employees to remain consistent in achieving company targets.

The facilities include a meeting room with a unique concept of open space with round tables and a la beach seating. Besides entertainment facilities such as ping pong games, game corners, mailing rooms, relaxing rooms, and gyms.

4. Kumparan

One startup design office in Jakarta which is engaged in journalism is precisely online media. This startup is known as Kumparan in the form of an online news platform that can be enjoyed on the website kumparan.com.

The location of this online media office is in South Jakarta, the Pejaten area. The beginning of the office was an ordinary house and then transformed into an office with a design that is very comfortable and up to date.

This startup office design in Jakarta has a concept for employees to feel comfortable like at home. But the facilities presented are not just like a house in general.

For example consisting of an entertainment room that is open for every employee to socialize, a swimming pool, a green open space consisting of trees surrounded by benches, an arena of inspiration.

Bobbin developed the concept as a maneuver so that the generation working in online media can continue to develop in terms of innovation and creativity. Besides that, this startup office design in Jakarta is the first to implement this captivating idea. So it is not surprising until now that the Kumparan continues to grow by providing interesting news.

5. GoJek

Who doesn’t know Gojek right now? Yes! Surely you often use this application platform for mobility both traveling and ordering favorite foods. This startup that operates in the field of transportation was built by Nadiem Makarim, an intern graduate from Harvard University.

The design of this startup office in Jakarta is precisely in the Blok M area and has attractive facilities for all employees. The design of the start-up office in Jakarta provides facilities such as a gym that includes a yoga area, gym, playroom, cafe to a mini cinema.

All employees can access the facility for free or free. Even office wall wallpapers also have some murals resulting from employee creativity. Even though the company is relatively newly established and exists in Indonesia, Gojek has succeeded in attracting the attention of the Indonesian people.

It even presents solutions for the Indonesian people in the realm of the important role of technology for life. So it’s no wonder that the design of a startup office in Jakarta is made as attractive as possible so that employees can relax after a busy work schedule so that when providing servants to consumers is always optimal.

6 Attractive Startup Office Designs in Indonesia

6. iFlix Indonesia

In 2016, Malaysia’s video provider office expanded to Indonesia through PT Telkom Indonesia. IFlix comes with a friendly concept of the current trend of an attractive office appearance with a variety of designs.

Almost the entire room here represents a young office that is creative and full of enthusiasm. Several areas are ranging from the pantry, open workspace, playroom, and a neat lounge room. Do not forget, murals that attract attention such as graffiti in some areas also managed to spoil the employees here.

Can Be an Inspiration for You

The design of a startup office in Jakarta is deliberately made with current characteristics by following a growing trend. The aim is no more to make the nuances of working inside the office warmer among fellow workers. Even the settings of the startup office are very minimalist but there are also broad ones with an open concept.

Those are some of the office designs of startups that are very up to date. This inspiration can also be applied to the office or just want to give a new touch in the home. Seeing the development of startups and the creativity of the community at this time, of course, there are still many other startup offices with attractive startup office designs.

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