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Updated Review of the Best Camera Phone 2019


Who doesn’t want to have the best camera phone 2019? Nowadays, we cannot deny that a camera plays a big role in the smartphone. Most people love to snap occasional moments with their phone since it is more convenient and easy. That’s why a good camera phone is in demand.

On the market, there are actually tons of options available. And all these options are not created equal. There are some of them which are offered at such a high price while others are available at a more affordable price for everyone to have a taste of it.

Huawei P30 Pro is considered as the finest camera phone you can purchase today. But, the battle is close with Google’s AI-powered Pixel 3 which seems to beat the photo face-off of the latest Galaxy S10 Plus. Then, which is the best choice among these options?

Our Top Pick for the Best Camera Phone 2019

We cannot deny that some of the devices mentioned above have such a great camera feature. But, each of them has its own pros and cons that make it a better choice for a particular person. To help you meet your best choice, here is a quick detail about them.

  1. Huawei P30 Pro

It’s safe to say that this phone does everything well. Thanks to its four total cameras on the back with a 40MP primary sensor, a super wide-angle shooter, a 5x zoom periscope lens, and a time-of-flight shooter, you can get such an impressive photo result with this P30 Pro.

  1. Galaxy S10 Plus

The extra camera added to the back of Galaxy S10 Plus has definitely produced more impressive shots than its predecessors. You will surprisingly be impressed by its ultra-wide camera which can provide more fascinating, detailed views. Samsung has improved this phone’s portrait shots as well.

  1. Google Pixel 3

When we are talking about the best camera phone 2019, we shouldn’t forget to mention Google Pixel 3. This is another smartphone which offers a superior photography function. This smartphone even comes with AI and computational photography to provide such an amazing photography experience for every user.

Quick Tips for Buying the Right Camera Phone

You’ve already known our top picks for the best camera phone in 2019. Now, which is the best option among those three picks? Before buying your own pick, we have a few points that you should remember. First, the aperture is much more substantial than the megapixel.

In this case, cameras which have a wider aperture tend to provide better photos instead of the one that goes for higher megapixels only. Then, you should remember that not all dual lenses are made equal. They won’t be necessarily good by featuring dual cameras on their back.

In conclusion, there are a few best camera phones you can find on the market today including Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and Google Pixel 3. You can take your budget into account when choosing one from these three picks. Finally, hope you enjoy our review of the best camera phone 2019.