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Thinking of Unique Workplace Culture? Here is an Idea!


One unique workplace culture can elevate the identity of your company’s brand. This is a concept that Agate uses in their office. Located in Bandung, West Java, this office building has a modern and minimalist design with a large enough work space to accommodate their growing number of employees.

There are so many facilities and cultures they are putting inside of this small office. Each of their rooms is designed differently and fit every use, while having an identity of its own. Vera Tantri, Public Relation of Agate, is showing us how her office is designed as well as the culture that they are putting in there.

How Agate Uses Different Approach

One of the unique workplace culture that is owned by Agate office is how every guest who comes is obliged to take off their shoes. They will then be replaced with Agate sandals. The sandals have cute design of Agate’s mascot. This isn’t just about the sandals though, because once you put them on, you will feel homey and welcomed in this office.

When you enter the office, you are going to see a room filled with red bricks wallpaper. Then, there is a chalk board that contains the information about Agate. Below that, you can see their achievements throughout the journey of the company. This is important to show who and what the company is to every person entering the office.

You can even find out how many employees working in the office just by looking at the boards! It is even complete with the age range and gender. This shows that they are proud of who they are and people who enter the office definitely knows it. The minimalism design that they use are combined with playfulness so that they are more inspired at work.

While only having three levels, they are making use of every space that they have. The floor is now full of green with some tree decorations. Yes, the employees here don’t use any footwear. The goal is the same, to make it feel like home. This simple touch of unique workplace culture really makes a different in the workplace and it is proved by Agate’s office.

Encouraged to Read Books

There are bookshelves to put some books that used to be owned by their Co-Founder. The employees are very encouraged to read these books to broaden their knowledge outside of their specialties. Most of the staffs there are in the IT department as they are game development, but they need to expand their knowledge in various ideas as well.

Some rooms even have pictures to show their journey in building the company. They bring you to how it all started and value each process that the company went through until it becomes this big. You can see the proudness of the achievements that they have and treat everyone like family.

Even though what Agate’s doing is simple, but the uniqueness they put into everything leads to one thing: showing who they are as a company. It also encourages them to be playful and creative while maintaining the focus of the work they are doing. Agate really shows how unique workplace culture can bring so much to an office.

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