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Thinking of Having a Fashionable Office? Here is an Inspiration!


How important is it for a fashion e-commerce to have a fashionable office? Very! Berrybenka, with their concept of ‘work hard play harder’ does just that. They are making full use of the existing office space with bright and colorful decorations throughout the room.

This current office of Berrybenka is actually the third workspace they have had. As a growing company there will always be a need to expand the office into a better place. While a lot of other companies are focusing on the limited space, Berrybenka instead focuses on the beauty of the office.

At a glance, you can see how Berrybenka’s office resembles the office of a fashion magazine. While this is indeed the concept that they want to promoted, but it is still an e-commerce. Let’s see how they integrate a technology company with a fashionable office flawlessly!

Thinking of Having a Fashionable Office? Here is an Inspiration!

Thinking of Having a Fashionable Office? Here is an Inspiration!

Combining Technology and Fashion

Entering the workspace of Berrybenka, you are welcomed with a wall of fame where you can take pictures there. Some people are working in front of their computers. While having a lot of people working there, the workplace is not crammed at all.

From the meeting rooms to pantry, these rooms are well designed to please the eyes. On top of that, Berrybenka also has a quiet room to relax. The staffs can read books, enjoy the quietness when needed and just relax in the room.

In the office there are some walls that are decorated with wallpapers and great designs. As a fashion company, a lot of the employees do like to take pictures here and there. Berrybenka likes to provide the staffs the places to do that.

There is also a room where they can test out different clothing and fashion related stuffs. There are some samples lying here and there. This is where they try the stuffs that they are selling to make sure that they are delivering the best that they can.

Thinking of Having a Fashionable Office? Here is an Inspiration!

Thinking of Having a Fashionable Office? Here is an Inspiration!

Dividing Rooms by Department

In this fashionable office, we can see that they separated the rooms by the divisions. The first room that they have is for the marketing team. Next to the marketing department is the creative team. They work closely with each other as the creative team supports the marketing department.

Then, you can see a room full of Finance and Human Resource departments. They are putting core teams into the same room. There are also a room for Merchandising department who contacts to their suppliers as well as local brands for partnership.

Other than that, they have a big room full of IT department and Customer Service department. This shows how much of an e-commerce they are. As what they write in one of the walls, the goal for Berrybenka is to have a customer management team that is just not the best, but also legendary.

That is how Berrybenka, a growing e-commerce could incorporate fashion as their identity in the workplace. This is not only important to represent who they are, but to also inspire the employees with the great designs. Their fashionable office shows the importance of combining these together.