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Things You Ever Wanted to Know about Beacons Technology

Things You Ever Wanted to Know about Beacons Technology

If you run a business or have been involved in marketing, chances are you’ve ever heard about beacons technology. Probably you even got a Google beacon as part of Project Beacon, a program launched by Google to send free beacons to many businesses with the goal to improve mobile experience and visibility.

Beacon technology itself has actually come a long way since its initial debut in 2013. This year, this technology is set to go beyond $25 billion by 2024. That’s why it is safe to claim that this technology has great potential and is anticipated to contribute to the marketing field in the future.

However, what is this beacon technology actually? And how can it support you to meet your business visions and goals? That must be the reason why you’re landing on this page. Here, we will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about beacons technology. So, keep reading!

What Is Beacon Technology Exactly?

Basically, beacons are a small, wireless transmitter which utilizes low-energy technology of Bluetooth in order to signal other smart devices close by. They are perceived as one of the newest developments in location technology as well as proximity marketing. In other words, they operate by connecting and transmitting information to other smart devices.

Moreover, how does this technology work? Devices with this technology are actually simple. Every device will have a radio, CPU, and battery. Then, it works by continually broadcasting out an identifier that is chosen by the device and defines a particular place in your environment.

When learning about beacons technology, it’s important for you to remember that the identifier here is basically an exceptional ID number which your mobile device figures out as unique to the beacon. When connected, this beacon is going to perform whatever function it has been programmed to carry out.

What Are the Benefits of Beacon Technology?

Well, this technology actually has a huge variety of applications and potential. Some functions have been available since this technology was initially introduced while others are available after it has been advanced. One of the benefits is to improve offline attribution to make more users to walk into your store.

While many businesses and marketers are trying to spend billions on their online advertising efforts, beacons technology comes to play to enhance offline attribution. By installing this technology in your online shop, you can expect more potential visitors that are ready to purchase things from you.

Moreover, it also offers advanced data gathering. The accuracy of positional that beacons offer makes it more reliable to gather information on how and where your potential customers are moving throughout the shop. You can use this data to improve your marketing strategy and gain more sells.

In conclusion, beacons are a really helpful technology that you can benefit your business. It allows you to improve your marketing strategy, especially if you’re selling your products online. So, don’t hesitate to make use of this technology right now. That’s all everything you may ever want to know about beacons technology.