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The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Sector


As the advance of technology, Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture is no longer became a strange thing. We knew that AI is the advance of the technology that could help humans in any sector such as the industrial sector, business, and also the agriculture sector too. It sounds a bit strange for us, isn’t it? But it’s real.

Agriculture is actually one of the industrial sectors that really need advanced technology to improve their performance. AI existence definitely changes how companies or factories do their business. It became a lot more efficient and effective because of the involvement of AI. So, let’s see how Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture works to help our business.

AI and Agricultural Robotic

One of the works of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture sector is the agricultural robotic. As we could see that the agriculture sector needs special attention on how it could produce good things. It’s a bit difficult to achieve that back then reminding that the agricultural sector is really depending on the unpredictable weather and climate condition.

If we’re talking about the failure of harvesting the plants or something, it has been a common thing that happened in the agricultural sector because of the unfriendly weather. But by using AI, now the agriculture sector has created robots with advanced technology for the program. it’s a kind of solutive action for your agricultural sector, right?

Many robots have created, such as Blue River Technology to control the weeds to make it become herbicide resistance, a Harvest CROO Robotic to help crop and harvesting so that farmers could easily pick and also pack their crops, or any other robot. the existence of this robotics technology definitely makes everything easier for you.

AI and Its Capability in Monitoring Soil and Crops

Another intervention of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture is the technology where it could monitor the soil and the crops. As we know that the agricultural sector is a bit fragile because it depends so much on the weather and the quality of the soil itself. The soil quality degradation remains really significant threats to food security.

The threats that may happen could danger the economic sector of the country because if the food quality degrades, then the demand for it may be decreased too. And to prevent those things, AI became its solution by providing this technology. Plantix, a deep learning application produced by PEAT is one of the technologies itself.

Plantix’s capable in identifying nutrient deficiencies and any potential defects in soil, by analyzing it with software algorithms which actually correlate the foliage pattern. Or there’s Trace Genomic which is a machine that could diagnose the soil, observe its strengths and weaknesses to prevent defective crops or to optimize the potential to produce healthy crops.

There are still many benefits of AI in the agricultural sector if you were gonna observe it. But overall, you know now that AI is an advance of technology that will never bring a negative impact into your life. And many scientists still do their best to enhance the role of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture sector.

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