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The Latest Blood Test Technology to Predict Preterm Birth

The Latest Blood Test Technology to Predict Preterm Birth

The Latest Blood Test Technology to Predict Preterm Birth

The latest blood test technology has been perceived as a solution to be able to save more babies’ lives. It has been known that there are so many babies are born prematurely each year. This new blood test technology is supposed to prevent more preterm birth issues to happen in the future.

Complications from preterm birth have been found to be the leading cause of death around the world in children under five. For this reason, Stephen Quake creates an invention of a maternal blood test which is able to alert pregnant women that they probably are going to deliver their babies prematurely.

This test is supposed to figure out the issue before 37 completed gestation weeks. After the announcement of this new invention, Quake launched a startup to commercialize this technology. It’s a cheap and simple test which women can take during the sixth month of pregnancy.

Blood Test Technology to Prevent Premature Birth Complications

This latest blood test technology is actually not the first foray of Quake into prenatal health. He also has developed noninvasive blood tests to evaluate the same information as an amniocentesis test with fewer hazards to the pregnancy. After several years, multiple biotech companies also provide similar tests like this.

Predicting preterm birth is going to be another crucial breakthrough nowadays, While more than one in 10 babies is born prematurely across the globe, there must be a solution to deal with this public health problem. Whether you live in less prosperous or more prosperous nations, this problem exists.

Complications from this condition have been the leading cause of death in children under five years old. Preterm babies are usually struggling with infections, problems with hearing and vision, and learning disabilities. In less prosperous countries, most babies who are born preterm frequently don’t even survive.

This latest blood test technology makes it possible to alert the doctors that a pregnant woman is at risk for early labor. As a result, they can give her the medicine sooner, making it possible to prevent the risk. This blood test has raised more hopes in the world of prenatal health.

How the Blood Test Technology Works

Then, how does this blood test technology works to predict preterm birth? In the process of creating this invention, blood samples from 38 women who are considered at risk for delivering birth prematurely are taken. In most cases, these women had previously delivered a premature baby.

By analyzing RNA molecules in the women’s blood, the researchers figured out that there are seven genes that can signal which babies will be delivered prematurely. These seven genes are not being studied to learn whether the signs are coming from the mother, the baby, or the placenta.

In conclusion, we can now anticipate the new technology that can help millions of babies who are at risk to be delivered prematurely around the world. This technology is supposed to be a cheap and simple solution for preterm birth issues worldwide. That’s all everything you need to know about this latest blood test technology.