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The Artificial Intelligence Examples That People Haven’t Realized


Although we always use it every day, most of us haven’t known about artificial intelligence examples clearly. Most people still feel strange about the word “AI” even if they get it on a daily basis. It’s not only in robotic shaped as on the common movie. It could be in a small shape.

Maybe some you were asking what’s actually artificial intelligence examples? How couldn’t you realize that? This article will definitely tell you about the example of AI that was commonly used in your daily life. It’s not a too fancy thing but only a simple thing and you’re very familiar with it. Let’s check it out now.

Smartphones as A common AI Example

Everyone owned a smartphone, right? you are probably reading this article through your smartphone. But most people didn’t realize that smartphone contained AI too which brought impact to your daily life. In smartphone itself, you can see Siri on Apple or Alexa on Amazon which could automation your phone as one of the artificial intelligence examples.

Or another simple example, when you were going to know about something or want to find out something, then you’ll ask for help to Google. Yes, Google Assistant. Realized it or not, it was a kind of AI example. You only need to type something you want to find out, then Google will help you.

Game Online and Its Artificial Intelligence

Are you a gamer? If it’s yes, then you will be familiar to Dota 2, PUBG, or other games online which are very common to play. But people mostly didn’t realize that they were interacting with AI while playing those game. Are you familiar to computer players? That’s one of the artificial intelligence examples anyway.

If you were playing the game online and you try to beat your enemy, don’t always think that it’s the real player in another world side. That’s a computer player which accompany you to complete the quests that may occur in within the game. If you are addicted to game online, then you really know about AI.

Automation Banking and Finance

As we know that finance and bank industries play a significant role in our life. Not only to save money, but it’s important to do some transaction as an investment, or anything. And today, you could do those things in an easier way. Through ATM or even SMS banking. Other technology triggered to create a cashless system of finance.

Those systems are actually one of the artificial intelligence examples. Have you ever got notification from your email or related application to inform you when you did a new transaction? That’s definitely AI that you may don’t realize it. it means that AI really impacts your life significantly without you even realized and understand what AI is.

Now, you will be a bit amazed after knowing that you’ve interacted with AI in your life, in every situation you were in. AI really developed and improved massively that no one couldn’t even stop it. But admit it, it was really helping you in anything, right? So now, you know artificial intelligence examples.