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The Amazing Uses of Augmented Reality in Education

The Amazing Uses of Augmented Reality in Education

The Amazing Uses of Augmented Reality in Education

The use of augmented reality in education has become a popular thing nowadays.  Following the innovative technology development, many educators have started to include a variety of technologies into the classroom, making it even more modern and futuristic. And one of the technologies used in this case is augmented technology.

The use f this technology has affected the conventional learning process. It has the ability to change the location and timing of studying, introducing brand new ways and methods. This ability has made augmented reality a helpful technology to make the classes more engaging for the students.

When most educators understand that the learning process should be creative and interactive, augmented reality or AR technology comes to play to help them. Many educators have been able to make various subjects more interesting. If you want to learn more about augmented reality in education, check this out!

Examples of Augmented Reality Uses in Education

Nowadays, we can easily find some great examples of augmented reality uses in education field. Its ability to connect reality and digital content have made AR technology capable to improve and open more opportunities for teachers and students. Here are some of the examples of AR uses in education.

  • To create an augmented Reality Classroom

First, there is AR animated content in classrooms which aims to catch students’ attention and motive them to study. In this case, the educators can provide additional data like a short fun fact, a person’s bio, and historical data along with the animated content to make the students understood more.

  • To explain abstract and difficult concepts

Augmented reality in education has made it possible for educators to render objects which are difficult to imagine and transform them into 3D models. As a result, it will make it easier for students to grasp any abstract and difficult content. Visual learners are especially aided well at this point.

  • To provide objects modeling

It’s inevitable that hand exercises, manual training, and quiz solving have been known to provide better knowledge for any learner. For example, when it comes to medical students, they can benefit AR apps to learn human anatomy and explore deeper about it thanks to its available 3D models.

Examples of Augmented Reality Education Apps

Then, what kind of AR apps typically used in education? When it comes to education, we can divide the apps into three categories: specialized for students, kids, and self-education. Elements 4D is one of the examples of AR apps used for students. This app is useful to study chemistry.

The use of augmented reality in education can also be applied by using AugThat, an app designed to bring AR in a classroom. This app offers virtual photos and diverse 3D experiences to motivate the students. For kids, there is Math Alive to have your kids practice basic counting.

In conclusion, augmented reality has become an important part of education nowadays. It offers various advantages that can make a classroom even more fun and interesting for any student. Thus, are you ready to involve this technology in education? After all, you may love to use augmented reality in education.