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See How Uptown Co-working Space Brings Manhattan to Jakarta


With a great amount of startups growing right now, co-working space is getting popular in Jakarta. Located in the Mega Kuningan area in South Jakarta, Uptown serves a modern design that is inspired by the theme of Manhattan, New York.

This space that functions as a service office owned by the Salim Group tries to cater to startup companies, communities to technology companies to have offices in strategic areas in Jakarta. Adopting the uptown side of Manhattan, they use the concept of how it is supposed to be in there.

From the lounge itself you can already see how they incorporate the design. Locally designed, they also have their own coffee shop in the lobby. Guided by Uptown General Manager, Poppy Levany Suzan, let’s see how Uptown brings Manhattan to Jakarta.

A Service Office

Service office might be unfamiliar for us Indonesians, but Uptown brought this to us. While having a similar concept, service office is bigger than co-working space. What makes Uptown different from the rest of co-working spaces in Jakarta is that they provide a grand workspace.

You can see from the designs that Uptown is not a usual workplace. With a grand design, they are showing how luxury it is as well. There are even some rooms with giant windows where you can see the landscape of Mega Kuningan right in front of your work desk.

Having several meeting rooms is a must, but Uptown also serves a room just for one. They call it capsule, so if you want a space to yourself where you can focus, this room is perfect for you. There is also a free conference call room if you need a space to do that as well, as Uptown understands that it is most likely to be confidential.

The most important difference is that Uptown has a manager room so that it’s not only a co-working space, it can serve you any importance of an office. Uptown understands that some companies still find this important and they have a service for that.

Putting Thoughts into Important Details

For private office, Uptown has created spaces for the users’ belongings. How about those who are using Uptown as a co-working space? Don’t worry because they have a lot of storage room for them to put in their stuffs or even working files.

Not only that, they also have a prayer room inside the office so that they don’t have to spend much time to go out to the building’s prayer room. They also think about the security of the guests. So, everyone who works there can enter rooms by simply using fingerprints.

Of course, they also have a play room where you can play foosballs and lay around in some beanbags. This room can also be used for watching movies or karaoke, which is great for bonding with the tenants.

From the designs to the details that they are putting, Uptown brings out the feel of Manhattan right to the center of Jakarta. It is perfect for a more professional office with a grand design, Uptown serves a different type of co-working space.