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Samsung Galaxy Fold, Most-Awaited Smartphone in 2019


Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected to be launched in 2019 as the device was announced for the first time earlier this year. Even though this exceptional smartphone hasn’t been released yet, there have been some reviews talking about what Samsung offers to us through this foldable flagship.

As you’re seeing the appearance of this smartphone in lots of places, you may want to know what makes this phone the most-awaited smartphone in 2019. Aside from this foldable feature which is quite extraordinary, there must be something else that makes this phone worth to wait.

Expected to be the next flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy Fold must have high-quality features which can amaze any potential buyer. Another question will be: is this phone going to compete with the foldable Huawei Mate X? If you want to know more about this smartphone, check this out!

What Does Galaxy Fold Offer to Us?

Just like many other smartphones on the market, Samsung Galaxy Fold will probably have some negative points. But, for those looking for the newest in cutting-edge technology, this phone is highly worth to wait. Interestingly, those who get an early hands-on of this phone have a great first impression as well.

The folding mechanism of the Galaxy Fold is considered secure and the wide 7.3” display looked impressive as well. And the fact that you are able to fold this phone in half and slip it in your pocket was just really cool. But, expect for a heavy, bulky smartphone as well.

When it comes to performance, this foldable phone is supposed to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which is supported by 12GB RAM, making it such an amazing smartphone processor so far. Then, you can expect for immerse internal memory storage as well. With 512GB storage, you won’t need additional extra storage for sure.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected to run Android Pie and is supposed to enable faster 5G speed evolution in the near future. When it comes to the camera, the specification is so great on paper as well. The rear camera offers 12MP telephoto and wide-angle ability.

Is Galaxy Fold Worth to Buy?

Then, is this foldable smartphone is worth to buy? If you’re searching for a phone that has the latest technology, you will love this device for sure. You can also be more productive with the foldable feature. Besides, you’ll have a unique phone design which makes your stand out.

However, you should expect this wonderful smartphone to come with a huge price tag as well. This foldable flagship from Samsung was initially announced to be sold on the market starting at $1,980, making it one of the priciest smartphones. But, this price matches the cost of Huawei Mate X.

In conclusion, the Galaxy Fold is the most-awaited smartphone on the market right now. It has a huge variety of amazing features that make it different from the rest. If you want to have this supremely cool smartphone, just wait for its release. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was ready to hit the market soon!