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Office Design Concept When Your Staffs are Mostly Women


Have you ever wondered how an office would look like when it is dominated by women? The office design concept of Female Daily Network is the perfect example for that. Utilizing a building that was previously a restaurant, located in Pejaten, South Jakarta, the Female Daily Network office chooses the concept of a spacious, clean and unfinished workplace.

CEO and Founder of Female Daily Network, Hanifa Ambadar, explained to use the function of the space they have, to why they chose the backyard design that is loaded with fresh shades of greens. The concept of open space is really showed through the office. They still leave some restaurant designs here and there to make it feel cozy.

Open Space for Bonding

Most of the startups we see now are using open space office design concept. That doesn’t only save some space and makes it look bigger, it could actually support the collaboration between employees. This drives them to work with each other as open space concept gives them a sense that everyone is accessible and could be approached anytime.

In the office of Female Daily Network, they are given the freedom to work anywhere they want. Even in the lobby, if they feel like it. They understand that sometimes the same workplace can be boring and they need to change up the environment quite a bit. This is great because while they are moving from the desk, they don’t stop working.

This office uses a lot of unfinished office design concept. It makes the office feels even more spacious. This is great because they also have regular events which require a big space. The event itself varies, from yoga class, make up class to other small seminars. Every Monday, they have sharing session for the whole company so that everyone feels heard.

The Working Space

With the open space concept and unfinished design, Female Daily Network is trying to show their own takes on startup. For them, working at startup means they need to have a “never-done mentality” which shows from the unfinished design. If the room is too “done”, they believe it makes them feel like there’s no more work to be done.

When choosing a concept and design for your workplace, it is indeed necessary to have a reason like this behind it. It makes the design even more meaningful and it brings value to the employees. It also binds together everyone and shows them that this is how we do it in the office.

As there are mostly women in this office, you can see that there are a lot of mirrors here and there. That is for them to take selfies and touch up on their makeups. They also have studios for them to take pictures that they need. They even encourage them to do some workouts in the office for a healthier life.

That is how Female Daily Network likes to run the company. With their unique concept and design, they are making use of what was previously a restaurant and turned it into something that shows who they are. It is an office design concept that is both great and meaningful.