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Nokia is Back with The Latest Smartphones

Nokia is Back with The Latest Smartphones

Nokia, a brand we all know and loved is coming back with the latest smartphones. The Finnish company dominated the mobile market, when it was not yet a smartphone, in the 2000s. Apple’s presence with its iPhone and Android-based smartphone has been secretly contributing to Nokia’s surrender in the smartphone market until finally their hardware division was acquired by Microsoft, which also could not lift Nokia’s prestige.

After only focusing on software, Nokia is ready to return with the release of another smartphone under the auspices of the company called Global HMD. However, apparently Nokia does not want to repeat the error again using the Windows operating system because now Android is their choice for the latest smartphones.

Indeed, there has been a lot of news that Nokia has come back since last year, where there will be about five smartphone variants released to the market. But as quoted from NDTV, not five, but there will be six to seven variants launched throughout 2017 starting from the second quarter. In addition to smartphones, feature phones will also remain Nokia’s mainstay.

The Latest Smartphones Will Be Launched Soon

In the second quarter, there will be two smartphones launching while the rest will be present for the rest of the year. This news came to the public after there was a leak from a document from the Global HMD distributor from Malaysia which stated that Nokia would be very aggressive in releasing up to seven smartphone variants.

The first device that is likely to launch is the Nokia D1C. Middle class devices with a screen size of 5 to 5.5 inches with the latest Android operating system Nougat. There is another device called Nokia E1 which also targets the middle class market.

Both devices will be introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 27 to March 2, 2017. For their flagship, it is said that there is Nokia P which will also be introduced at MWC 2017 but will only be released afterwards. One that is predicted by the high-end device is in addition to the latest high end in the latest smartphones and there will also be a camera with a lens from Zeiss.

The Advantages of These Technologies

This lens has accompanied the Nokia smartphone products before, where the camera sector became an advantage over their other smartphones. This means that in addition to relying on Android software, Nokia seems to be making their cameras on the latest smartphones an advantage over competitors such as Apple and Samsung.

In addition to the three series above, it is said that there will also be Nokia Edge with a curved screen like the Galaxy S7 Edge. So far, the smartphone market tends to be dominated by Apple, Samsung and Chinese products. However, this time it was Nokia’s turn to show off in the Indonesian smartphone market.

In the past year, Nokia, which is currently owned by HMD Global, is actively promoting their smartphones in Indonesia. It is known, there are 5 latest Nokia smartphones that you can choose. There are so many possibilities you can choose and see with the latest smartphones they have provided.