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Minimalist Office Design Ideas to Lift Your Productivity


Some companies might be stuck having a small office, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be turned into a great working space. It’s time to turn your office with minimalist office design ideas. The office of IDmarco is the perfect example of this design.

Located in the Kuningan area of South Jakarta, IDmarco has a small office that they turned into a great place to work with this minimalist design. Who’s the main inspiration of minimalism? Japan. This office is dominated by Japanese style nuances with a combination of wood to shades of fresh green trees.

The office of IDmarco is not too wide, but you can see that they make use of every place to create a full working space with standing desk and meeting rooms.  Guided by their Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Regan Dwinanda, let’s see the trip to IDmarco’s office.

Unique Japanese Style for Work Place

Once you enter the office, you can see that their lobby has a unique style. With the theme Japanese – Natural, they are using nature elements for the minimalist office design such as rocks, grasses, woods and trees. These are supported by the yellow lamps that they use to complete the nuance of a modern touch of nature.

IDmarco, being the first e-commerce in Indonesia that sells groceries in bulk to shop owners of small businesses, shows their creativity through the office as well. Once you get into the work space, you can feel that everything is clean and organized, yet still have the touch of nature with a lot of green plants in the room.

With a small office like IDmarco’s, they are able to create a space that feels wide. One of the ways on how they do this is to create see through dividers for the areas. This is to create the feeling of openness and bigger space while still dividing these areas into different needs.

Important Things to Look for in an Office

The workplace itself is an open space. Woods and rocks designs are still filling in the whole room. There is even an informal lounge inside of the room. It is a marble desk with tree in the middle of it where people can have lunch or meeting there. This is a unique concept and truly shows their Japanese style while still incorporating natures in it.

There are a lot of minimalist office design and concepts that you could think of. The most important thing to consider is how it makes you feel comfortable working there. A great environment will lead to a better daily productivity as well, which is great for the company as well as the people working in it. Design is important to support you to work optimally.

While the offices for the other companies have playroom for the employees to bond with each other, IDmarco believes that the lack of playroom is not a problem. That is because the staffs are encouraged to bond with the colleagues in any hour of the day. So, any space in the work place is a play room for everyone! How’s that for a minimalist office design?