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Know Deeper About Augmented Reality Technology Devices

Know Deeper About Augmented Reality Technology Devices

For many gamers, the augmented reality (AR) as the technology devices is something that really well known. There’re many games adopt this kind of technology to make the game become more relate and feels so real for the player itself. We can see in the Pokemon Go game which is really popular a few years ago.

As it already used in many games, means that AR technology devices are no longer become a new thing. But something that makes it new is the use of AR in other technology which actually helps the human life. AR technology not only applied within a game. You can use it in your daily life.

What Is Actually Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is commonly known as science-fiction technology devices. Means that this technology perceived as a technology which already exists in media, not in a real life. But then everybody realized that this really exists. Even if that so, many people still couldn’t get what’s actually AR. It’s an abstract and kind of exotic technology.

AR is the technology devices which could expand the physical world and add the layers of digital information into it. AR appeared in direct view of a real environment then it adds the sounds, graphics, and the videos into it. It’s different like Virtual Reality (VR) which created an artificial environment and replace real life.

AR let us view the physical real-world environment that is superimposed a computer-generated image which actually changes the reality perception. There’re many AR technology devices which could display it, such as through the glasses, mobile phones, screens, other handled-devices, and so on. It also involved the simultaneous localisation and mapping, and depth tracking technology.

The Types of Augmented Reality Technology

As mentioned above, AR could be displayed in many kinds of devices. It’s not enough, because AR also has its different types. They are marker-based AR, markerless AR, projection-based AR, and superimposition-based AR. Each of the types has a different purpose and function in helping human life. Let’s say marker-based AR or image recognition.

Marker-based AR could change printed QR code to be special signs which required special visual object and also the camera to scan it. It could change the image in the paper turn into 3D models. Meanwhile, markerless AR works by the position. It utilizes the GPS and compass to provide the data based on location.

Markerless AR could produce the direction or maps, and business info such as events information, navigation support, and so on. Projection-based AR could project the synthetic light to be physical surfaces. It also could detect user interaction by its alterations. Superimposition-based AR could replace the original view of something with an augmented, partially or fully.

But the concept of superimposition-based AR concept could be done by the object recognition first. This technology lets the user place virtual items into their room in real life. It seems interesting, right? you can try something before you buy it without really use it by using these modern technology devices.