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How to Make Relaxing Office Space


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “finance” is probably strict. How do you turn this into a relaxing office space? Finance requires a high level of seriousness when it comes to working, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose it while making it a bit casual.

Combining both serious and casual, TrueMoney created an office that serves both of those qualities. Even though TrueMoney is a foreign financial service, the office has a lot of Indonesian nuances. Dominated with the color of orange, how do they create a cozy workplace?

Located in Kuningan, South Jakarta, we are having a tour to TrueMoney office. Guided by the Corporate Communication Head of True Money, Ratna Indrayani, we are going to see the grand design, putting in casual design while not losing their financial aspect.

Mingling Every Level of Management

While the old way of how corporation works is separating the office based on the staffs’ managerial levels, TrueMoney doesn’t believe in that anymore. The relaxing office space concept that they are using is open space, just like any trendy startup nowadays.

The staffs need to blend in with the others no matter what their statuses in the company are. Different departments are also put into one gigantic workspace so that it’s easier for them to connect with each other. This brings out a greater sense of belonging to the staffs.

With an open space like that, privacy of belongings is still needed by the staffs. TrueMoney supplies some lockers for them to keep their stuffs save. They use some neutral colors with orange as pop of color to create a sense of seriousness, while still bringing motivation to the staffs there.

This is important not only for a company that is focusing on finance, but to other types of companies as well. If you are looking for a relaxing office space for your startup, then this is something you can put in mind. The design has the combination of everything.

Designs as Reminder of Indonesia

Inside the workplace, you can see that there are some paintings that resemble what TrueMoney has been doing. As TrueMoney has e-money that is based on Islamic syariah, they have paintings here and there to represent what they are doing in Indonesia.

On the walls throughout the office, there are a lot of motivational quotes from famous, successful people. This is to keep the whole office to become as motivated as they need to be. The office itself is very neat with the design and placement of items.

There are also some workplaces that have creative designs. These places are used for those who want to look for more ideas. The staffs can take a break in this place and play some foosball with the colleagues. There is even a place where you can play music in the room!

TrueMoney is separating between the actual workplace, a place to be creative and the place to just relax and play. This is how they keep the office to have a balance of seriousness as well as still being casual. It is a true relaxing office space that suits the need of the company.