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How Biometric Sensors Start a New Era of Digital Health

How Biometric Sensors Start a New Era of Digital Health

Thanks to the introduction of biometric sensors, medical technology is now continuously growing into more advanced one. Along with other technologies, a new era of digital health seems to be emerging. These sophisticated sensors have the ability to monitor our everyday health and initially detect particular diseases.

In lots of medical centers around the globe, biometric monitoring has been employed to measure and analyze sweat continuously to decide electrolyte and hydration levels. Another use of this sensor is found in the automotive racing world where it is used to monitor the heart rate and other vital signs of the drivers.

The cases above show how biometric monitoring sensors have been used more than ever in the healthcare industry. It has marked a new advancement in the healthcare industry. Now, to learn further about how these biometric sensors can start a new era of digital health, check this following information.

What Is Biometric Monitoring Sensors Exactly?

Before anything else, it is highly important for you to know what this technology actually. Biometric monitoring sensor is basically technology used to track the users’ characteristics in relation to conscious and unconscious changes in body parameters and human traits. They include motivation, heart rate dynamics, temperament, and so on.

Then, is biometric monitoring technology is similar to wearable technology which is also popular in the healthcare industry? In general, there is actually a significant difference that makes biometric monitoring dissimilar with wearable technology. We can say that biometric monitoring can be more complex than wearable technology.

Biometric sensors are considered being more helpful to healthcare professionals. For instance, when a patient suffers from a chronic disease, particular data obtained from these monitoring sensors will be very useful to see the condition of the patient. Combined with IoT technology, this data will be much more helpful.

Latest Breakthroughs in Biometric Technology

Interestingly, there are also some emerging breakthroughs in biometric technology which are considered to change the healthcare industry soon or later. One of the impressive breakthroughs is the ingestible health tracker. This voltaic cell contains copper and zinc electrodes and can have various applications in the world of healthcare.

Another interesting breakthrough in biometric sensors technology is the color-changing tattoos which can indicate whether your health is at risk or not. This smart tattoo allows you to monitor your levels of glucose and sodium. It works by responding to alteration in your interstitial fluid, the fluid where your skin cells are suspended.

In addition, there is also a mobile glucose monitor which is recently introduced to the public. This biometric device is housed within a wearable patch that can wirelessly communicate with a smartphone app. It can monitor the levels of glucose and recommend dietary changes as well as exercises for the users’ health.

All in all, biometric technology seems to be the one that will open the way to a new era of digital health across the globe. It offers various benefits and can be employed in diverse applications to monitor someone’s health. Now, let’s wait for the next incredible breakthroughs in biometric sensors technology.