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How 3D Printing in Indonesia Will Start Working

How 3D Printing in Indonesia Will Start Working

As there is a new printing technology, have you ever wondered how 3D printing in Indonesia can start to work? During this time, we know the printer as a printing machine on paper. Try only two dimensions. However, apparently the printer industry continues to evolve. From the original it only produced two-dimensional products, into three dimensions.

The raw materials used are not only sheets of paper, other materials are also available. However, three-dimensional printer technology or 3D printing can’t be too popular in Indonesia. Indonesia is still in the process of learning and getting to know this product. Even though there are many things that can be extracted from this 3D printing technology.

It could be used, starting from fulfilling daily needs to supporting the production process and marketing activities. Indonesia is still a production center, not yet a center for product development compared to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Many product designs from two countries are subsequently mass produced in Indonesia. Indeed, this technology is still relatively expensive, especially if you need a printer and raw materials. Many companies or brands are rethinking 3D printing in Indonesia.

Price Being One of The Reasons

On the other hand, small demand is one reason why product prices are expensive. The price of making 3D human models can cost up to IDR 2.5 million to IDR 19 million which can only accommodate 10 cm to 36 cm in height. This is for 3D printing made from colored sandstone.

Sandstone itself is basic sediment consisting of sand or gravel. Imagine if this material was used to mass produce. How much money should the company spend for 3D printing in Indonesia?

At present one 3D printer unit can reach pocket from Rp10 million – Rp150 million for small size.

Printers and quality materials for 3D printing must still be approved, while currently there are locally made materials. However, the basic ingredients in Indonesia still contain PLA (PolyLactic Acid) plastic or colored sand which is of poor quality compared to American ones. The printer is similar to this.

We have never found a 3D printing in Indonesia at some exhibitions but it hasn’t been made in America. Even so, the demand for 3D printing products or services is more than it was 3-4 years ago. The players in this business are optimistic that 3D printing can grow longer in the next five to ten years. The dream of the players is the same, that is, 3D printers will enter homes.

The Potential for Indonesia

In Indonesia, the potential for 3D printing in Indonesia for industry is starting to be seen from the demand of business people in several industries, especially in the food and beverage industry. Manufacturers who buy their packaging, like bottles, begin to look at 3D printing.

3D printing is seen because of its excellent level of accuracy. Currently there are two needs of the company for 3D printing technology, namely for the needs of research and development products and support for marketing activities such as exhibitions.

3D printing is commonly used to make mock ups before the product is purchased by bulk. This technology is considered more accurate in describing designs that are made to consider making traditional mock ups. This will be good for 3D printing in Indonesia.