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Here’s the New Breakthrough in Fuel Cell Technology That You Shouldn’t Miss

Here’s the New Breakthroughs in Fuel Cell Technology That You Shouldn’t Miss

What’s new from fuel cell technology? It is no secret that this technology has been around for years, providing an electrical current which can be directed outside the cells to carry on a particular job. It has been used to power an electric motor and even illuminates a city.

To enhance this technology, many scientists have worked to make it works better than the one commercially available nowadays. One of the newest researches is conducted by the University of Waterloo which found a way to make fuel cells last longer than the available ones on the market.

It’s not only providing longer power than ever before, but the cost is also claimed to be cheaper as well. More interestingly, despite its lower cost, the durability and performance are still satisfying. Then, is there another breakthrough in fuel cell technology? Keep reading to figure out the answer!

What is a Fuel Cell Exactly and How Does It Work?

Before anything else, it would better if we can learn the basic about fuel cells. Even though it is not a necessarily new technology, it can still be a new thing for some people. A fuel cell is basically a device which produces electricity using a chemical reaction.

Each fuel cell owns two electrodes named the anode and cathode. Then, the reactions which generate electricity occur at the electrodes. Moreover, each fuel cell also owns an electrolyte, which brings electrically transformed particles from an electrode to another. When it comes to fuel cell technology, hydrogen is known as the basic fuel.

One of the good things about this fuel technology is actually its ability to produce electricity with very small pollution possible. As we know, much of the oxygen and hydrogen employed in producing electricity here are forming a harmless byproduct which you can count on.

Besides, how does this technology works? At this point, you better know that there are actually a few types of fuel cells and each of them works a little bit differently. But generally, it starts when hydrogen atoms come into a fuel cell and being ionized to provide positive electrical charge.

What Are the New Breakthroughs in Fuel Cells?

Then, is there anything new to expect from this fuel cell technology? Recently, it is announced that a new breakthrough in this technology is found. In addition to the new one that is claimed to be a lower-cost solution for the use of fuel cells, there is also another one that you shouldn’t miss.

In this case, researchers at Washington University found natural energy which is able to double the voltage of the available fuel cells on the market today. This new breakthrough involves the use of an acidic electrolyte which found to help the operation of this system succeed.

All in all, fuel cells are a great solution for fuel technology which doesn’t result in much pollution. Even though it is a kind of old technology, there are still researches that attempt to enhance this technology for the better. That’s all about the new breakthroughs in fuel cell technology.