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Here Are 3 Roles of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


The existence of Artificial intelligence in healthcare really bring impact to patient outcome. As we already know that AI is not a new thing. It has appeared in our daily life. Siri in Apple, automation weather forecasting, driverless car, or even Alexa in Amazon. That’s a kind of AI we used to meet every day.

And now, AI became more advanced since it’s starting to have roles in healthcare. The impact of AI on healthcare significantly life-changing. It will not only beneficial for the patient or the workers in the healthcare sector but it also significantly save the healthcare investment. So, what else the benefit of AI in this sector?

Empowered Surgical Robots

AI could really bring changes in life. Not only to the healthcare industry, the doctor, or the nurse, but especially to the patients. AI was a part of computer science which could like humans, and it has the capability in machine learning. This is what make AI in robotic shape could lend help in surgeons.

At first, it was used as a slave device, but today it became an active partner in surgical treatment with a doctor. AI here was definitely helping the doctors to reduce micro-trimmers which presented in surgeons’ hand, automating less-critical task like suturing, and help the doctor to ensure the best outcome for their patients.

AI and The Virtual Nursing Assistant

Another benefit of Artificial intelligence in healthcare is a virtual nursing assistant. It sounds so strange back then. But now, it’s real. This virtual assisstant could help the patients to have better experience while they’re having clinical treatment with the doctor. It could improve the patient outcomes too to be better and greater for them.

AI helps the patient to remind them about the doctor’s instruction related to medical treatment. It’s not only reminding them, but it’s monitoring to ensure that the patient really does what the doctor’s said in order to achieve a better outcome for the patients. It also tries to scale care capacity without reducing the care quality.

AI Helped and Provided Medical Diagnose

Not only providing the best assistant in surgical treatment and patient care, but Artificial intelligence in healthcare also provides another benefit which could improve the healthcare sector such as medical diagnose. With its advanced technology, AI could improve accuracy and speed in general disease diagnosis and enhance pathological result based on its analysis of the issue.

It also could reduce the cost of diagnostic procedures and also, it helped the doctor to take action immediately to the disease issue of the patient to prevent something bad that may happen to them. So, it was basically aimed to improve the patient outcome too, again and again, and make everything effective and efficient.

Those are some benefits of AI that in order to make healthcare sector better and greater. Everything became easier, effective, and efficient because of the AI. The AI surgical robotic may just help the doctor now, but someday it’ll be the only one in the surgeon room as proof of Artificial intelligence in healthcare.