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Google Home Hub Review, Is It Worth to Buy?


Now that you’re interested to have a smart screen in your home, chances are you’ll want to know Google Home Hub review. As one of the best low-key smart screens available on the market today, this gadget makes a great method to keep tabs on your smart home.

Despite its popularity, Google Home Hub is often considered as a product that attempts to imitate the success of Amazon’s Echo Show. That’s why these two products are sometimes compared to each other to see which one is the best. But, it’s safe to see that both products have their own pros and cons.

Both devices have a screen and employ proprietary AI assistants. Besides, they are also designed to be the focal point of any smart home. Similar to the Echo Show, Home Hub is somewhat a revelation. Read on to learn whether it is worth to buy or not.

What Do I Need to Know about?

At first glance, you’ll find that Google Home Hub looks similar to Nexus 7 which is made into a speaker. Due to its design, people might think that this device is a tablet on a stand instead of a home hub. Here’s further Google Home Hub review you should know.

  • Design and Display

Despite the screen feature, this home hub is actually small enough to be set even on a bedside table or placed beside a knife rack. The screen feature itself offers a lower resolution of 1,024×600 pixel compared to the Amazon Echo Show which has 1,200×800 pixel display.

  • Features

One of the features that make this device special is that you can use it along with Google Assistant. When you’re not using it, you can set the device to display your Google Photo albums. You’ll also find a card-based interface displaying the weather and calendar events.

  • Sound Quality

Underneath the device, you’ll find a fabric-covered speaker. Considering its price, the sound quality is actually not astonishing. But, for its size, it can be considered enough, especially when we compared it to Google Home Mini. The good points are the clear treble and mid-range frequencies.

Is Google Home Hub Worth to Buy?

After reading a quick Google Home Hub review above, is this device still a good product to buy? When your final choice is basically up to you, you probably want to know the reasons to buy or not to buy this product since this product is probably not for everyone.

If you’re building a smart home and want to make it simpler to interact with Google Assistant, this device is your best choice. This is because Google Home Hub can manage your smart home and organize your daily tasks. Moreover, it also comes at such a surprisingly low price too.

However, if you want to have a device that can display better resolution and showcase high-quality sound feature, you may need to review other products first. In conclusion, Google Home Hub has a great value for money and it makes a good device for your smart home. That’s all the Google Home Hub review!