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Fun Workplace Ideas from iFlix Office


As the world needs more creativity nowadays, a lot of people are looking for fun workplace ideas. Jason Monteiro, Head of iFlix Indonesia, brought us to his startup office to inspire us on how a workplace can also be as fun as a playground. How did he make it possible?

The idea of creating a fun workplace starts from understanding the employees’ needs. You can see that they value their staffs based on the location of the office itself. Not located in the central city of Jakarta, it makes it easier for them to come to work from wherever they live.

This aims for a work and life balance as they could spend as much time needed in the office and with the loved ones, instead of having to face the hectic traffic of Jakarta too much every single day.

Fun Workplace Ideas from iFlix Office

Fun Workplace Ideas from iFlix Office

The Office of iFlix Indonesia

Once you enter the office, you are displayed by a giant graffiti wall. To understand why iFlix is using these fun workplace ideas, we must understand their values which are as follows: “Be Real, Be Simple, Be Brave, Be Playful.” Jason is combining all these values into three words written in the graffiti, which is “The Play Ground.”

With over 60 employees in the office, they are planning to double this number in a year. The question is, how does a startup be able to create a great office with an efficient funding? Making use of what you’ve got is the tips here.

When you work with a lot of creative people in one place, there has got to be some ideas that you can find around. The designs of the iFlix office are incorporated mostly from the employees. They value the inputs from the creative team and the people in the business.

Once you explore the office even more, you are looking at their definition of being a playful, fun office. From an open work spaces, pantry for lunch and dine, to the play room and lounge where the employees may play and relax.

Fun Workplace Ideas from iFlix Office

Fun Workplace Ideas from iFlix Office

To Open Space or Not?

You can see that they value the relationships between the employees from the pantry. Their next fun workplace ideas are what they call “Family Bar” where the employees can take a break from sitting on their chairs all day. This is great not only for lunch or breaks. They could have daily conversation and get to know other colleagues better.

Whilst they are using the concept of open space, iFlix doesn’t limit the employees to what makes them comfortable the most. With an open space, people are free to sit anywhere they want. But, as some people might prefer to sit with their teams, it is totally allowed.

Right inside the playground you can also find a play room in which people can take a break from working to play billiards. Not only do they provide a pool, there is a lounge with a screen where the staffs can play Nintendo Wii there. But, this lounge doesn’t only serve as a place to play. They do a lot of internal meeting, presentation as well as testing some works.

How important is a play room for an office? According to Jason, working at a startup means they are spending a lot of time in the office. So, being able to work with fun workplace ideas brings out a sense of comfort to the staffs.