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Effective Ways on How to Use Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Effective Ways on How to Use Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Effective Ways on How to Use Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Now that you are here, it’s safe to assume that you want to know how to use mobile technology, especially in the classroom. It’s no secret that mobile technology has been considered as a great tool in teaching and learning experience. Then, how can we use it in the classroom?

With the rise of mobile device ownership, it’s actually not really difficult to involve this technology into the classroom. Then, we shouldn’t forget the fact that many students found it to be easier to use their mobile device to access information, either general information or the one related to their course.

There has been research that shows the effectiveness of using mobile technology in the classroom as well. A study shows that students agree that there will be quicker communication with colleagues and lectures thanks to the use of mobile devices. Therefore, how to use mobile technology effectively in the classroom?

How Mobile Technology Help Students Learn More Effectively

It’s no doubt that many lecturers and students have used mobile technology to increase efficiency in doing their work. However, they are not necessarily increasing effectiveness. In education, lecturers are able to prepare PowerPoint presentations and send them to a Learning Management system instead of printing a copy for each student.

Moreover, students are able to read their course materials on their mobile devices instead of going to the computer labs for accessing the materials. All these only talks of efficient use of technology and are not necessarily effective. Then, how to use mobile technology effectively in the classroom?

In fact, technologies used in education also offer opportunities for doing something more effectively, not only efficiently. In this case, they can be used creatively to make your work effective and reach higher results. The following information will tell you some excellent ways to do so.

Effective Ways to Make Use of Mobile Technology in the Classroom

One of the effective ways to use mobile technology is to utilize the audio recording feature. Students typically need personal and quality feedback on the work they hand in. Lecturers can take advantage of the audio recording feature in most smartphones to deliver this personal and quality feedback to all students.

Another effective way on how to use mobile technology is to make use of live polling tools. These tools can be utilized both as welcome and exit vouchers in the classroom for formative evaluation. Lectures can take advantage of these tools to learn what students have already understood and what should be more focused on.

Next, we can also use mobile technology to have the students create videos instead of writing a traditional essay. While writing a 2000-word essay, for example, has made most students to simply copy and paste paragraphs without understanding the content very well, creating a 5-minute video will be more effective.

All in all, mobile technology can provide an effective and efficient method to teach and learn in the classroom. While most students have already had mobile devices, it shouldn’t be difficult to use them in the classroom. Finally, hope you enjoy this discussion on how to use mobile technology in the classroom.