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Curious? It’s How Artificial intelligence and Robotics Impacted Our Lives


Many people usually screw up between two different things, Artificial intelligence and robotics. Most of them just thought that those things are the same thing. A robot controlled by AI or any other opinion which said that robotics means AI and vice versa. But in fact, both robotic and AI were really a different thing.

Even if that so, Artificial intelligence and robotics could be created a bridge to connect one on each other to be an artificial intelligence robotic, which combine about two different things into one. And maybe it’s what people know about the AI and Robotic. So, here’s a brief explanation about the AI and robotics.

What’s The Different Between Artificial intelligence and robotics?

Basically, robotics is a branch of the technology which actually could make a programmable machine to do something automatically or semi-automatically. Mostly, robot interacts with the physical world via actuators and sensors. Not every robot was autonomous. Some of them controlled by human as Telerobot. The action of the robot was totally programmed by a human.

It’s different with AI which actually a branch of computer science. It was aimed to complete some tasks that require human intelligence. It could be happened by the algorithms which could do learning, problem-solving, logical reasoning, or even perception. And AI only took a small part of the Robotic. So there’s artificial intelligence robotic.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Created Employment Opportunity

Whether both of AI and robotics are different things, but when it combined one and other, it would create the best technology that ever existed in our lives. One benefit that could be received is the improvement of employment opportunity. It’s because when AI robotics existed, then it will be new job roles in the work field.

When there’s AI robotic, there should be new roles to maintain and support the AI robotics functioning. And when we bring it to the work field topic, there should be a more professional person which actually mastered in robotics and computer science. In fact, there’s at least 80% of 1000 organizations need professional for AI and robotics.

Beneficial for the Business and Industrial Sector

As we know that business and industrial sectors were really goal oriented. They always have their target to be achieved as much as possible and with the calculated budget. Meanwhile, sometimes human energy was limited so that they couldn’t do too many tasks just to achieve the goal. But AI and robotics sure they could.

Artificial intelligence and robotics were really capable of doing something as a human did but in unlimited time and energy. They could work as hard as they could to achieve beyond the target. This is why AI and Robotics always impressing many people. By using this advanced technology, a company could make everything efficient and effective.

The combination of both AI and robotics were never failed to help human tasks. It was always impressing with the capability they had in doing anything. Because of that, AI and robotics were taken out of significant roles in our lives. But still, we should be grateful for the existence of Artificial intelligence and robotics.