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Creating a Comfortable Office Space with Travelio


A comfortable office spacesa is one of the things people are looking for in their work place. Travelio, a travel startup that becomes the intermediary for leasing apartments, villas and houses in Indonesia, has an office that is the perfect example of a comfortable place to work. The idea of comfort for Travelio is something that makes the people inside feel like home.

A lot of the office design has woods and industrial nuances to help the employees feel homey. Many indoor plants are put here and there which also increase the comfort of the work. Office that is located in the very center of Jakarta makes it easier for the employees in the operation department to reach the whole area of Jakarta at ease.

From strategic location to a cozy design, the inside of Travelio will make you feel welcomed. Guided by Head of Corporate Operations of Travelio, Satya Djojosugito, we are welcomed at the headquarter office of Travelio to check out the comfortable office space design.

The Rooms in Travelio

Once you enter the office, you are going to see five meeting rooms. These meeting rooms are classified into different levels based on Travelio’s ranking system. Each of these rooms has different designs, yet they are all filled with woods as the main design. Plants are also put here and there to create the combination of nature as well as minimalism.

Upon entering the work area, you are going to see an open space work place. An open space is popular for startups now as it is believed to create better interactions between employees and their colleagues. We aren’t surprised that these bigger rooms are also filled with designs that mostly use woods.

Different types and shades of woods are used to create a perfect comfortable office space. To complete the look, there are plants here and there with various sizes. This design would even remind you of a co-working space that is very popular nowadays with their unique designs.

Each Room for Every Need

The last room that we visited is a must to have when it comes to the office of a startup, which is a cool pantry and a play room! Taking a break as well as having casual conversation is much needed for the employees to relax a bit. This comfortable office space makes it even more amazing and feels like a place you can call a home.

Filled with bean bags and pillows, this space is not only used for relaxing. It can also be used for meeting or even gathering. Of course, there is a foosball there which is a necessary game to have in an office to just wind off from the hectic work. There is also a ping pong table you can play in the room!

As the office is still considered new there, they are still getting inputs from the employees. Who knows, maybe they will have sleeping room and other facilities that make the office even more homey? Wouldn’t you want to work in a comfortable office space like this?