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Check These Artificial Intelligence Applications Around You


Artificial intelligence isn’t only in robotic shape but there are also artificial intelligence applications that we usually use it in our everyday lives. Most people just got mixed up in understanding about AI and robotics. Actually, AI was really simple program but it has a complicated system and algorithms inside it. AI became so solutive thing.

We usually didn’t realize that we were always among the AI every day and every time. In our beloved gadget, there’s AI inside. Not only in your gadget, but AI has also already improved and impacted the global manufacture world. many artificial intelligence applications used in order to increase the target and make everything become more efficient.

AI To Be A Customer Service

One of the forms of artificial intelligence applications is robotic customer service. It’s commonly used in hotels and retail stores all around the world. It sounds strange when robot provides us with a good service back then. But now, it’s no longer became something strange. AI robotics became our friend to do many things.

This Customer Service AI robotic is able to interact with the customers just like a human way. With the algorithms, AI robotic could do deep learning, so that they could act or give response just like humans. It’s not only way more efficient, but it also gives a better experience to the customers without making awaits.

Personalized Your Shopping Experience

Other artificial intelligence applications that really close to you is implemented in an online store. AI inside the online shopping platform makes it possible to collect the smallest data of yours, especially about your usage. With this ability, it could personalize your shopping experience to a deeper level such as giving time alerts and many more.

Besides, AI inside online shopping platform can also send notifications about any discounts products, best-seller, or any other category based on the item you desired. It also changed the interface and the currency automatically. This is what AI has given to us. Makes everything easier, simple, and interesting. Everyones’s happy because of the AI existence.

AI Implementation in Travel and Navigations

One last thing of artificial intelligence applications is travel and navigation. Who didn’t familiar to navigation in your gadget? Everyone is absolutely using it every time they want to go somewhere new. And you know what? AI was actually something behind everything you’ve got when you’re using travel navigator service via your mobile phone.

When it comes to the transportation, AI enabled the mapping system which could scan road information and with its algorithms, it could identify the optimal and proper route to take by car, motorcycle, bicycle, or even your foot. AI could give you information too about the best travel place you better come to see.

AI didn’t always shape as a humanoid robot. it also a branch of computer science which could make every machine to act like a human with the AI itself. Whatever the shape, AI totally helped human life and make everything easier with those artificial intelligence applications that you can always put it in your hand.