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Biometric as Technology Advances in Company and School


Biometric technology is a technology advances that really common to use in any aspect. As the main purpose of the technology itself, this biometric try to help the human task in identifying something or someone. It’s not an easy thing to do, right? there are much human error happened when people do it manually.

This biometric technology was definitely become a technology advances that became a solution in making identification for some aspects. It’s actually kind of technology which combined between the body part of the human, and the advance of technology. So that’s why this is foolproof because everyone’s body part is unique and couldn’t be falsified.

How Does the Biometric Technology Work?

The biometric technology usually used to identify something from the human body part, such as fingerprint, vascular patterns, voice patterns, and so on. This technology advances is really useful in order to make sure whether a person is really doing what they claimed to do or not. The system will capture the fingerprint, so on.

After it captured the image of the human body part that want to be identified, the biometric algorithm starts to measure the difference between the valleys and ridges of people by its sophisticated sensor. The pattern data which identify the details of someone is established. Then it’ll compare the established data and the scanned one.

We can conclude that this technology is used to record the data of someone which someday could be used to identify themselves. Even if there are identical twins, they still have a different pattern of the data. This technology definitely could record and realize that. So this is why this technology is really cool.

The Use of The Biometric Technology in Company and In the School

This technology was made on purpose. The pattern that already recorded in the system can be used to protect the data in a computer or USB that requires the fingerprint. This technology also provides protection to people on accessing something important and private that the public shouldn’t know by the pattern lock in it.

This technology advances now used in many companies and also in school. The main purpose if the technology is to discipline the staffs and the student. It could force anyone to be honest on any data that could make them access something such as information or presence data. It’s aimed to reduce the absenteeism.

The use of this technology also could increase the productivity of the staff in a company and also encourage the students in the school for not skipping school. It was because the foolproof feature which actually records every single thing in your body parts. No one could escape from it.

As mentioned, it could detect whether someone does something that they claimed to do or not. For example, it could protect the library in the school from the book stolen case by letting the visitor give somebody print as proof. So, this technology advances definitely work well in this era.