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Artificial Intelligence Technology and its Impact to Beauty Industry

Artificial Intelligence Technology and its Impact to Beauty Industry

Sophisticated innovation such as artificial intelligence technology really connects to all aspects. The make-up industry is no exception. In running its business, the make-up industry is truly aware of the needs of consumers who are now all technology. Besides being given convenience in online purchases, the make-up industry creates new ways to try to make products digitally.

All of this is thanks to the features of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) which are packaged in the form of applications. Combining AR and AI to produce applications that can help consumers try various make-up products or look for makeup digitally, without actually applying it on the face.

The appearance of this artificial intelligence technology feature in the make-up industry was initiated by the world’s largest make up store, Sephora. In 2017, Sephora opened its first store that has a virtual make-up feature to try. The positive response obtained makes the make -up product brand interested in having a virtual version of make-up. After that came various make up applications from NARS, MAC, Estee Lauder, Maybelline and L’Oréal.

How Do They Use Artificial Intelligence Technology?

First, upload a photo that shows our entire face. After that, the photos will come out together with determining the shade of our faces. Then, we can immediately start choosing the product or make up look like what we want to try to apply.

After selecting, this application will automatically display an overview of the results when we actually apply the product or make-up display that we choose. The operation of the virtual make up application is quite easy right? Not much different from the Beauty Plus application or the Snow effect.

The number of facial and cosmetic companies that utilize big data and artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing strategies in South Korea is increasing. The use of technology itself is done to attract Gen Z. This can be seen from artificial intelligence technology research conducted by the Ministry of Industry of South Korea.

The beauty industry concentrates a lot on services that can adjust customers. One of them is serum. That means it is specific to certain skin types. Innisfree even collaborated with a research team led by a professor from the Electrical Engineering Department KAIST Kim Dae-shik. The collaboration is carried out to analyze consumer databases and offer personalized services based on one million online product reviews. The data is collected from January to December 2018.

Combining Algorithms with Beauty Industry

Kim and his research team developed machines to study algorithms in artificial intelligence technology. The machine can later be used to categorize the good or bad of a product based on feedback from consumers and the skin type. The team also constructed positive and negative notes from the ingredients in each product. Innisfree said that they wanted to offer recommendations on facial care products by adjusting several aspects.

First, we need to see what products are often used. The next step is introducing new products that are better, according to consumer needs. Therefore, the company hopes that the use of big data can help them understand consumer habits. Then, help them to provide the appropriate product. Make customers easily choose their own products.

They continue to strive for digital innovation by analyzing the needs of millennial and Gen Z. They are consumers who are familiar with digital devices, pop-up shops, and cosmetic purchasing machines. Their business in using artificial intelligence technology through digitization can be our way to continue to exist in the competitive retail industry.