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Apple Mac Mini Review, Is It Still Worth to Buy?


Apple Mac Mini finally comes back in 2018 with a brand new look and better performance. However, is this device still worth buying in 2019? This new model of Mac Mini comes after four years long. It offers an updated internal design, a completely refreshed look, and new hardware.

It’s no secret that Mac Mini has been a popular mini PCs since its initial debut. When it comes to the design, the 2018 version has a similar dimension and weighs to the previous generations. But, this size is still considerably bigger than the current mini PCs today.

As we know there are some mini PCs like the Azulle Access Plus and Zotac ZBox PI2250 which aren’t much bigger than a credit card. However, the design of Mac Mini 2018 still looks sleek and elegant despite its larger size than the other new mini PCs on the market.

Apple Mac Mini 2018 Review, Pros, and Cons

Despite its dimension which remains similar, it has got a pretty impressive makeover. From its space-gray anodized finish to the bright aluminum designs, this Mac Mini surely offers more modern look compared to its predecessors. Interestingly, it’s also more environment-friendly since the body is made from recycled material.

Besides, to accommodate the upgraded hardware inside, Apple has changed its internal design as well. Mini Mac 2018 has bigger vents and a larger fan to provide better airflow to cool its processor. Moreover, the power supply has been improved as well to accommodate the new components. How about the pros and cons?

  • Pros

There are some good points about Apple Mac Mini 2018 that we cannot forget easily. One of them is the upgradeable RAM capacity. Along with the quad-core 3.6GHz Intel Core i3 CPU, this mini PC is equipped by 8GB of DDR4 RAM. Plus, it offers impressive performance and healthy 4K display support too!

  • Cons

Well, there is nothing perfect. While it is actually difficult to find any minus from this impressive mini PC, we finally find that this price is considerably pricey. Even after a year of its initial release, the price is still expensive. Moreover, it also has limited upgradability and very restricted internal access.

Is Mac Mini 2018 Edition Still Worth to Buy?

Thus, is this mini PC still worth to buy? While it is much better than its predecessors, it is actually a recommended product, especially if you’ve been searching for an upgrade for your current model. This mini PC is more versatile and has other updates that you can anticipate.

When we compare it against other mini PCs on the market, there are actually plenty of reasons to buy something different. For example, if you look to better graphics for professional use, the new HP Z2 Mini G4 is still a great choice thanks to its Nvidia Quadro GPU and Intel Xeon processor.

In conclusion, Mac Mini 2018 is one of the best mini PCs you can find on the market today. It is a good alternative for you who want to have a compact version of Mac desktops. Finally, hope you find this review of Apple Mac Mini helpful.