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An Artificial Intelligence Revolution And Its Changes


Talking about the advance of technology, it’s related to An artificial intelligence revolution. Today, our lives is just influenced and impacted by the AI. Almost every part of our activity in life, took over by the AI itself. We couldn’t deny that AI really helps human tasks in any sectors and really make human life-changing.

It didn’t only change on how life works, but it changed on how people acted too. Everything just feel easier, effective, and effiecient as An artificial intelligence revolution. An it didn’t stop to that. Many scinetist still try to do their best to enhance the AI more so it could take over the human tasks.

Automation In Every Gadget in Life

An artificial intelligence revolution that we see everyday is the automation. We could see that most thing that could provide us service in doing something just not handled by the human anymore. Everything has changed to be more efficient because of the automation of the machine itself. It’s likehuman have their personal assisstant in life.

In simple example, in your gadget especially Apple, you have Siri. Siri could do any command you gave to them. You asked it to open the gallery, then it will open the gallery. You asked it to call someone in your contact list, then it will do it. Or in any banking or finance system.

No more cash money because you just need to do transaction only by showing your banking barcode, or clicking trhough your gadget, and then everything is done. It was a kind of the AI that you always use it in your daily life. Simple but it really helps you, right? and we could bring it ot the wider scope.

AI Has Changed Many Sectors Work

Automation as An artificial intelligence revolution really brought significant changes to many sectors such as healthcare sector, agricultural sector, and also industrial sector. They are no longer using too much effort of the human to produce something in a massive total. The existence of AI help to do something out of human capability.

In example in healthcare sector, the AI could enhance the clinical treatment, reduce the treatment budget, get an accurate diagnosis to get immediate action, and improve the patients outcome. And in agricultural sectror, they created robot as a machine to manage the field , and to help the farmers pick and pack their crops.

In business sector, especially in startup busnisess, they really into AI. They could provide the best service to their customer only by using AI technology. Customer could get what they want easily by themselves efficiently. In improved the customer experienced and also reduce the budget that’s allocated to many things in the company. The AI revolution couldn’t be rejected and be denied in this modern era. This era need something that could work really hard almost without any limit, can produce more, but way more effective than human. So we can conclude that with An artificial intelligence revolution, everything has c