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Amazon Fire 7 Tablet, a Great Table for the Cheap Price


The latest release of Amazon Fire 7 tablet is good news for those looking for a quality table at a reasonable price. Designed for those who are more interested to use a tablet for content consumption instead of productivity, this Fire 7 tablet is priced $49.99 on Amazon.

We cannot deny that Fire 7 is a highly popular tablet on the market nowadays. It’s primarily because of its solid build quality and low cost. Even a few years after its initial release, this tablet is still preferred by many people who are calling for the best cheap tablet.

Lately, there is news about an updated version of this tablet in 2019. But, it’s safe to say that the 2017 edition is still a good choice for its configuration and specification. Moreover, it is also supported by Alexa services and has better endurance as well.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Features and Review

The Amazon’s Fire tablet lineups run Fire OS which is actually a custom version of Android. This operating system is designed around content discovery, but it’s not necessarily customizable. Despite the lack of more advanced features on it, Fire 7 tablet is still a recommended option for this cheap price.

  • Design

When it comes to the design, the Fire 7 actually inherits the previous generation’s blocky design. But, it’s a bit taller and thinner compared to the previous model. It has a bit smaller footprint but owns the same thickness. Despite its hard-plastic shell, the backside feels sturdy and cool.

  • Display

Regarding its inexpensive price rate, the Fire 7 tablet’s screen has acceptable brightness and quality. But, it doesn’t offer very sharp or colorful display which is owned by more pricey devices on the market. You may find the display is lack of vibrancy as well.

  • Performance

Then, how about the performance? Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU with 1GB of RAM only. With this specification, we cannot deny that some tasks felt somewhat slow. However, swiping between home screens is responsive enough. Switching between opened apps is good too.

Why I Should Buy Amazon Fire 7 in 2019

As you can see from the review above, this Fire 7 tablet has some pros and cons. While we can actually find another tablet which costs under $50, most of them are a way out of date or from no-name companies. Fire 7, however, offers something more than them.

It has a strong build quality, simple interface, and easy access to Amazon services. We can say that this table is the best choice in its class. But, since it comes at such a cheap price, Amazon cuts some corners like its screen quality, battery life, and audio performance.

In conclusion, Amazon Fire 7 is an impressive table for the cheap price. If you’re looking to a new tablet but not willing to spend more than a $30 budget, this is the right choice. It has everything you need especially for single-serve entertainment experiences. That’s all a quick review of Amazon Fire 7 tablet.