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Advantage and Disadvantage of Insulin Pump Technology That You Should Know

Advantage and Disadvantage of Insulin Pump Technology That You Should Know

Do you know the advantage and disadvantage of insulin pump technology? Even though there are lots of good reasons to use an insulin pump, this technology actually comes with some disadvantages as well. That’s why it is important to learn more about this technology before you actually use it.

Insulin pump technology itself is typically used to reduce the episodes of severe low blood sugar in a patient. The pump is utilized to replace the need for multiple injections with a constant insulin infusion. It also helps increase the levels of blood sugar in your body.

This technology is generally helpful for those with diabetes. It is because the pump delivers continuous delivery of short-acting insulin throughout the day. It also substitutes the need for long-acting insulin in the body. If you want to know more about this technology, read this following information.

A Quick Overview of Insulin Pump Technology

Before anything else, it’s important to learn more about what this insulin pump technology is actually. An insulin pump is basically a small, computerized device which provides insulin constantly throughout the day. Before understanding the advantage and disadvantage of insulin pump technology, it’s better to know how it works first.

Generally, this device is supposed to mimic the way normal pancreas releases insulin. However, you need to tell it how much insulin to inject. It provides insulin in two methods: a basal rate and bolus rate. The basal rate is incessant, small drip of insulin which maintains your blood glucose steady between meals and overnight.

On the other hand, the bolus rate is a much higher insulin rate obtained before eating to cover the meals you plan to eat. The safe, effective use of this technology requires a commitment to verify blood glucose minimally 4 times a day on a daily basis.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Insulin Pump Technology

Then, what are the pros and cons of insulin pump technology? Just like other devices, this insulin pump also comes with some advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages include improved flexibility in lifestyle, accurate insulin delivery, predictable insulin delivery, and the ability to precisely deliver 1/10th of an insulin unit.

Before exposing the disadvantage of insulin pump technology, there are some other pros of this technology. For example, it is also able to tighten blood glucose control while decreasing the risk of low blood glucose and reduce wide fluctuations in blood glucose. And how are about the disadvantages?

One of the disadvantages of an insulin pump is the risk of skin infections, especially at the catheter site. Moreover, it may also increase the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis from pump malfunction or absorption issues. Then, the device is generally expensive and requires a continuing cost of supplies as well.

To conclude, insulin pump technology can be an excellent solution for people who have diabetes and need to maintain a normal level of blood glucose. However, despite the number of its benefits, you need to consider the disadvantage of insulin pump technology as well before using it.